The presence of cracked nipples must not lead to the interruption of the feed and even less, to giving up nursing. In many cases, correcting how the baby latches on is sufficient to end the pain quickly.

Treatment for cracked nipples:

  • Correcting how the baby latches on to the breast.
  • Do not use soaps or topical cleansers.
  • Do not use local medications such as ointments of various types, topical creams, bandages stimulating healing, clay, etc.
  • Begin feeding from the opposite breast then move on to the one with the cracks when the milk is more available once the ejection reflex activated, due to the suction of the opposite breast.
  • When possible, between one feed and another, briefly expose the nipples to the air and (season permitting) briefly to the sun.
  • Between feedings wear nipple shields that allow nipples to stay protected and safeguarded from clothes.