How Silver Cap works

Silver Cap®

Silver Cap should be placed on the nipple and act as physical shield of the wound from external factors and friction from clothing. In addition to this, the silver cups, thanks to the particular structure with micro internal threading, guarantee perfect adhesion to the nipple thus maintaining a moist microclimate and low oxygen content, which accelerates healing and the healing of wounds. Thanks to their silver coating, the surface of the cups is refractory to the proliferation of microorganisms.



Silver Cap are certified as a medical device class IIA, and can therefore, be used in absolute safety even on damaged skin. Thanks also to the 999 ‰ silver coating; they are non-allergenic and unable to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin, for absolute safety of mother and child.


Clinical trials 1 have shown that Silver Cap quickly eliminates pain symptoms.


Silver is a metal active against fungi and bacteria and preserves the cups from the proliferation of undesirable microorganisms.

Silver Cap creates a moist environment with a low content of oxygen that is ideal for stimulating the reparative processes and healing of fissures.

Thanks to the particular internal micro threading, Silver Cap are comfortable and functional to wear because they perfectly adhere to the nipple. The perfect fit is also essential to promote the healing process and to keep the nipple isolated from external agents.


After nursing, rub a drop of breast milk on the nipple and then apply the Silver Cap®. The cups must be positioned between the breast and bra, resting them on the nipples. The cups must be easily cleaned under running water. In the presence of milk residues, wash with mild soap and a soft cloth and rinse with running water. Abrasive pads for cleaning or disinfecting solutions should not be used. It is not necessary to sterilize the cups before use, because the silver body protects the device from attack by microorganisms. If preferred, for greater cleaning, the cups may be place in water and baking soda (two teaspoons of baking soda in a half glass of water) for 30 minutes and then dried with a soft cloth.
Warning: To ensure better effectiveness of the Silver Cap® do not apply breast creams or ointments. Use the cups alone, as stated above.