Silver Cap

Medical nursing cups for a gentle and natural treatment of sore nipple during breastfeeding.

Silver Cap – The healthy and natural alternative for innovative moms during the nursing period.

Antibacterial effect

The surface of the Silver Caps consists of 999 silver, which is completely resistant against germs and bacteria and at the same time, has a calming effect.

Accelerated healing process

In addition to the antibacterial effect, the 999 silver will increase the healing process. Open fissures or infections are healed naturally and faster.

Treatment without medication or chemicals

When using Silver Caps you actively prevent the possible intake of medications or other harmful chemicals for your baby.

99,9% Purity

Silver Caps consist of 999 silver and don’t contain any residual metals like nickel. That implies a high tolerability for almost every mom.

Prevent irritation of the skin

Silver Caps are easy and convenient to wear. Worn just between bra and nipple, they prevent the scrubbing of your clothing on the sore nipple.

No impact on taste or smell of the breast milk

Compared to most of the common pain relief creams, Silver Cap won’t change the taste or smell of your breast milk.

Issues with sore nipples during nursing period?
Made out of solid silver, Silver Caps support a fast and effective healing process for an enjoyable nursing time.

Scientifically proven healing power

The silver nursing caps form Silver Cap convince through the high proportion of silver of 99,9% and therefore it is the only nursing cap suitable to treat open wounds.While having pain in the nipple, infections or other issues, the silver will relief pain and increase the healing process.
The healing and antibacterial effect of silver is scientifically proven, which is why it is used a lot in medical areas.

Other silver nursing pads / caps are often made of unclean 925 silver, which not only can have nickel or copper and cause allergic reaction, but furthermore it can destroy the natural microorganism in the breast area. In contrast, the 999 Silver Cap won’t cause any allergic reaction and will support the reproduction of microorganism, which will prevent the infection of the breast and nipple.

Application of Silver Cap – easy and fast

The nipple protection can be worn easily and comfortably under the nursing bra. Therefore the Silver Caps just need to be moistened with a little bit of breastmilk in the inside. The breast milk in combination with the pure (999) silver creates a moist protection film while wearing the Silver Cap, which ensures that the nipple won’t dry out.  In addition, the protection film promotes the natural healing process and will relief pain immediately caused by sore and infected nipples.
These sore and infected nipple will heal in a natural way, so the breastfeeding doesn’t have to be interrupted.
Right before breastfeeding, the Silver Cap can be removed easily without hurting the nipple. The Silver Caps should only be cleaned under running water. In the unlikely event, that there is still some residual breastmilk, Silver Cap can be cleaned with natural soap and a soft cloth. Make sure, the rinse it under running water afterwards. There is no need to use abrasive sponges nor disinfectant solutions. Furthermore, Silver Cap does no have to be sterilized before use due to the purity of the silver.

Hint:To ensure the best effect of Silver Cap, do not use cremes nor greasing agents before using Silver Cap.

Silver Cap for pain relief during breastfeeding.

For moms as well as for the babys Silver Cap is a effective and well natured alternative, especially in comparison to treatments like salves, saline solutions or compresses. In contrast to the traditional treatments, Silver Cap won’t have any impact on the smell, taste or composition of the breast milk. Moreover, Silver Cap is molded in a perfect way to fit any perfectly on any nipple.

The Silver Cap production is based on decades of research of the women only company “Depofarma in Venice, Italy.  The professionally monitored production with highest quality standard guaranteed the purity and effect of the product. The production is certified and follows the highest EU-Standards and is the only medical approved nursing cap on the market and the only one which can be applied directly on open wounds.

Additionally, Silver Cap’s effect won’t diminish over time and can be used for multiple pregnancies.

Silver Cap – The innovation for nursing moms