Silver Cap  – The innovation for breastfeeding moms

Silver Cap nursing cups – rapid help for nursing moms

Nursing can easily become a challenge for a lot of moms, due to issues like pain, infections, fissures or sore nipples. In this case one of the most intimate moments between mother and baby can turn into a torture for the mother. The wrong position of the baby or the incorrect technique is often the cause for most of these issues. Breast engorgement, mastitis, physical factors or anatomic characteristics can also result in issues during breastfeeding.

The consequences are sore or even bleeding nipples, which cause immense pain for the mother and lead to a premature stop of breastfeeding. In some cases, the injury of the nipple can even lead to an infection.

A clemency and effective way to treat wounds and relief pain in the nipple are 999 silver nursing cups from Silver Cap. Thanks to almost pure silver, Silver Cap induce and boost the healing process. Silver is often used as a medical product, not only because it is relieving pain, but also because it concurs antibacterial, consequently Silver Cap is an effective natural and non chemical treatment for sore nipples during breastfeeding.

Experiencing pain during breastfeeding?
Silver Cap gives rapid pain relief for sore nipples.

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  • How Silver Cap works Silver Cap® Silver Cap should be placed on the nipple and act as physical shield of the wound from external factors and friction from clothing. In addition to this, the silver cups, thanks to the particular structure with micro internal threading,......

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  • The benefits for mother and baby There relationship between mother and child that is already established during pregnancy is strengthened immediately after birth, when the baby is placed on the mother for the first time. During this first contact outside the womb, mother and baby get......

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A mild and alternative way to treat sore nipples.

Around 60% of all moms complain about issues during breastfeeding, which are treated with a variation of means from cremes to laser therapy. Most of the common treatments, but especially cremes with liquid paraffin can be very harmful for mother and baby. Furthermore, some creams or salves dry out the skin and can cause a change in the milks’ taste. Nursing pads should also be avoided, because they can stick to the injured nipple and increase the pain and injury even further. Don’t forget: Everything in the blood of the mom, like medications, paraffin or antibiotics will be absorbed by the baby through the milk.

That’s why a lot of moms count on traditional nursing cups during breastfeeding to protect the nipple. But with these kind of cups the milk production is not stimulated enough, so the baby won’t get enough food. A permanent use of these cups is not recommended.

The silver nursing cups from Silver Cap are made of 999 silver and are applied between nursing sessions. They are worn in between skin and bra and are the natural alternative to creams, salves and heavy medications. The Silver Caps protect the nipple from outside influences, like rubbing through clothes and at the same time are creating a perfect healing environment for the sore nipple. Additionally they are easy to use and clean.

Silver Cap – The Nursing Cup: certified, from decades of research and experience 

Silver Cap is a women only family business, which has experience for more than 30 years. Silver Cap is a registered medical product, which is produced under professional supervision and the highest quality standards in Italy. Silver Cap is the only nursing cup which is a registered medical product and can be applied on open wounds like bleeding nipples. Thanks to the patented production process, we are able to create a nursing cup from 999 silver and without any nickel or copper, which is especially important for mother with allergies.

The use of harmful creams or the intake of medications like antibiotics is not necessary anymore when using Silver Caps. Painful symptoms are soothed and the healing process is accelerated.